Watch this amazing, fun, wacky and eye opening movie about the value of life when it comes to the animals most consider food, but some consider loving companions.


Bong Joon Ho has an amazing grasp of his craft. He composes a movie that juggles tones like an expert street performer that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.





















Mija has lived in the mountains of South Korea her whole life (10 years) and has raised and been constant companion to Okja, a massive and gentle ā€œsuper pig.ā€ All is well until Mirando corporation takes Okja to America with a plan to turn her into top of line pork shops. Against all odds, and without a real plan, Mija will save her friend, and learn a lot about the livestock industry in the process.


Though the purpose of the film maker was not to turn you Vegan, he and some of the cast admitted to loosing an appetite for meat during filming of the movie.


Watch this fantastically entertaining film.


Tell us, did Okja make you go Vegan?


 August 13th, 2017

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