August 13th, 2017

Have you

seen GIVEN?


Who doesn’t enjoy coming of age stories?


I’ve found them mostly in movies, but this Jess Bianchi documentary will leave you in awe of it’s incredible beauty.


The story of the Goodwins, a family of surfers traveling through the world, begins with the birth of True, their baby girl, and follows them for a whole year of travel. Narrated by their adorable 5 year old, Given, this story is heart warming in every possible way.


From the photography, to the places, their love for one another, and Given's charming voice, this story gets five starts from Viral Force.


Given tells us the sweet family story his dad learned from his dad and relayed to him, about the big fish who once swallowed all the water in a flood to prevent humans from drowning. Wherever the big fish goes, big waves follow, so they embark in this adventure looking for him, and share what "chasing the big fish" means to them in life.


Love, our first steps, retracing our path to understand who we are, and death, are amongst the themes touched on by Given's narration as the Goodwins show us the world through the lenses of a camera crew of four.


Among the places they visit, Fiji, Iceland, Israel, Thailand, Perú, Nepal, South Africa, Marocco, Senegal, and back to Fiji, where the documentary begins and ends.


This is a documentary you don’t want to miss. The incredible photography captivates the eye in every frame of superbly crafted story telling. These people traveled remote corners of the world to bring us a story of family, love, understanding, and the pursuit of one’s own path in life.


What did you think of this documentary?