August 13th, 2017





A New Earth is a book packed with powerful ideas that help us understand how deeply entrenched and unwatched our ego can be in our every day lives.


This is a follow up to his wildly successful best seller, The Power of Now.


Tolle’s books are not to be confused with religious ideology or stories that turn him into some kind of prophet or savior. Instead, this book takes you in a journey deep within yourself. It shines the light of consciousness into how our ideas, thoughts, and visceral reactions work.


It is a profoundly engaging spiritual manifesto that will be hard to put down. I personally found it enlightening, educational, inspirational and calming. Each time I’ve listened to it, something within me has deepened as I continue to become more aware of my own emotions in a way that almost disembodies them from me.


As if anger and sadness for example, are entities within me that I can observe as they arise, feel through, and react to in ways that serve a greater purpose than the actions I’d normally take in such circumstances had the emotions been unobserved.


I’ve listened to A New Earth about 13 times, and it just doesn’t get old. It’s a different, deeper book each time.


Viral Force gives A New Earth five stars.


Watch Eckhart Tolle speak on the subject himself. In this must watch video Tolle briefly explains the true origin of happiness.




Share your thoughts on this book in the comments below, how you read it? What did it change for you?